Friday, 22 April 2016

Goblin Army Additions

I've been very slowly building up an Orc and Goblin army for Warhammer. Every time I get some miniatures painted however, a new rule set and army list comes out to ruin my progress. AoS of course completely ruined things so I'm now aiming at a Kings of War army instead. I hope to play 2nd Ed this Monday if all goes well.

In any case I made these Squig hoppers. I had received a couple of stock standard GW figures as 'extra' bits in an ebay purchase but these were not really enough to make up a unit. I decided that I could make my own from plastic night goblins out of one of the warhammer boxes plus some green stuff. Here they are unpainted.

Here they are painted and based

I remember fondly the native American inspired goblins of 4th ed and always wanted to get some of them made up. Time of course ruined these plans with them being completely dropped and then partially brought back, only to disappear in the void of AoS. I've since ignored this and went ahead and created two heroes on gigantic spiders. The first one is a GW metal goblin with a plastic orcy sword swapped in and a bunch of feathers stuck to his helmet. The feathers were off some GW plastic Empire handgunners who didn't need them anymore. I painted the sword yellow as an attempt to look like a 'magic flame sword' to give him some heroic flavour, something goblins desperately need ;-)

This next one is I think some kind of goblin miniature, I can't remember from where, painted up to look like  a goblin shaman on a gigantic spider. You might be able to see the spider's victim wrapped up in spider silk on the base underneath him. I think the victim was green stuff wrapped with everyday cotton thread and a skull stuck on top for a head.

The two spiders were like the one pictured below. I tried to bend the legs into interesting shapes but they snapped so I had to pin and glue them back in place. I don't think you can see too well but the front legs are raised in a menacing way. They are based on 40x40mm bases.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Hobbit Conversions, screamers and an old pine box

I've been sick with a cold this week so this update is a bit late in coming. I still have a blocked ear for some reason :-)

As a job lot of miniatures I received from eBay a while back, I found 6 hobbit miniatures included as an extra prize.

They all looked like the guy above but different colours. I think they'd be from the board game 'The Hobbit: defeat of Smaug'. I thought I'd use them for roleplay games but the same static pose was a bit boring. So I converted them to these...

Using bits from my bits box and some putty, I now have a wizard, soldier, swordsman, slinger, spearman and an archer.

I also had a shrieker figure from *many* years ago that I had never painted. I decided that it would be fairly easy to make up a few more of my own with green stuff, so here they are.

I'm sure the keen eyed can spot the original.

Lastly, I knocked up a pine box coffin for dungeon detail.
I made this from paddlepop sticks and glue.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Tree monsters

Here's some tree monsters I created about a year and a half ago from wire, green stuff and leftover bits from the GW dryads box.

They were supposed to be treekin for Warhammer but then, you know, that *thing* happened to the Warhammer world and stuffed up my plans for building a wood elf army. I'm sure they'll still pop up in a roleplay game or Kings of War battle somewhere. 

Faces added with greenstuff. Ironically the hands I added were mostly made from dryad faces. 

Paintwork done including owl, little imp and skull with leaves.

I made a total of six of these beasts and based them on 40mm bases.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Eldritch blob, giant leeches and larvae

More Monsters

Eldritch Blob

This is some molten lead that I absent-mindedly splashed on my workbench one day. I thought I'd paint it up as some sort of Lovecraftian nether-world thingy.

Giant Leeches

"Millions of leeches, leeches for me" sitting round a fire pit. They are made from wire and green stuff, including the bricks on the base. The fire is made from bits of stick and kitty litter. The leeches are about 25mm tall.


Don't know if you can see it but these are the tortured souls of naughty people doomed to crawl around as larvae in the very pits of Hell itself. The bases were an attempt at lava. So, larvae on lava. The heads are GW zombies but the bodies are putty and wire.