Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Some Monsters I made...

Some monsters I made


Supposed to be the Cacodaemon from the old PC game DOOM. Made from scratch and stands roughly 35mm high. I used a largish wooden bead on a brass rod that I covered with greenstuff. I added more brass rod for the horns which were bent to shape and then had green stuff added. I added 0.6mm wires for the underbelly bits.

Eye of the Beholder


This one I made from scratch from a wooden bead, brass wire and greenstuff putty. Roughly 40mm high.


An Otyugh! Or is it a neo-otyugh? I could never tell. Scratch built from a wooden bead, brass wire and greenstuff. Stands about 30mm tall. The base is covered in kitty litter.