Saturday, 2 July 2016


I had a spate of Dragonborn characters rolled up for my D&D 5e campaign and as I had no miniatures to suit, I converted some.

The first was fairly straight forward conversion from a GW plastic lizardman. He's a Blue Dragonborn Ranger who chose to wear leather armour so I've painted him up with leather armour bits and added a bow, and a greenstuff bedroll and small sack on his hip using greenstuff putty. It wasn't until later that I wondered to myself, if Dragonborn were cold blooded, would they need to keep warm at night?

The other was a Green Dragonborn Warlock. I converted this from the mage knights figure below. I think it came up okay. I tried to paint the Juju stick in his left hand and the belt buckle with a dark ruby effect but it didn't really work. Oh well, I'll keep trying...


  1. Those are rather nice, I think your conversion of the Dragonmech figure is a big improvement over the original.

    Cheers Roger.

  2. Thanks Roger. think the head and neck are a bit out of proportion but yeah, still better than the original :-0